Simtation Island Challenge Rules


Simtation Island Challenge – (inspired from the original TV show ‘Temptation Island’) four random couples are struggling to make their relationships work for different reasons, all get invited to the magical island of Simtation to confront their issues with their significant others and either grow a stronger bond with one another (highly encouraged), find love with another on the island (this is irrationally also encouraged) or forever separate (if this happens…we are so despicably sorry).

Create A Sim Rules

Create or borrow 4 couples, the wackier the better with absolutely no skill points or aspiration/reward traits linked to the sims. Recommend a variety of traits to make your sims interesting, however, we endorse the romantic trait as a commonality. Couples should arrive at the island at the same time. Challenge begins immediately upon arrival. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, cheating is kinda the theme here so money cheats…

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TS4- Murkland 1.16: Outta My Mind!

Stormy Dayz Gamez

Post-Apocalyptic Starter Challenge Chapter 16

A/N: This chapter has a really odd mix of point of views… just go with it.  It confuses even me but eh what can I say, I’m a bit loopy from watching myself talk to plants.

Ugh.  What am I doing here in Nukecrest you ask?  Well, silly Lacie… the real Rainy… thought that me visiting here would mark the lots as played.  What was she thinking???  *cough*  Anyways, so then she realized the error of her ways… after I visited ALL the lots in this neighborhood!  Long story short she figured it out and repaired the chaos that the silly mod she insists on playing with has wrought on her fellow Murklanders.  Wait?  Who are these fellow Murklanders?  *looks around suspiciously* It could be any of these sims here!!!

When I returned home from my pointless quest I began the unending gardening cycle.


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Challenges Updated…

Stormy Dayz Gamez

The release of a new expansion always means analyzing all of the new features to see if anything needs to be changed in challenges.  Some challenges this was really simple and in others, it’s taken a lot more thought.  I also have been working on a new one… you’ll see.  As always, links to the challenges are in the top menu on my main blog site.  Remember: If a rule is making gameplay less enjoyable for you ignore it!  There is no challenge police that will come get you if you bend a few rules.  If you notice something in any of the rules that need to be changed or you have a suggestion feel free to let me know!


Runaway Teen:

Just as in Sims 3 you can adopt a pet or befriend a stray.  Be sure you can afford all of the items that the pet will need…

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TS4 Cats & Dogs: A Study in Autonomy

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Cats & Dogs A Study in Autonomy- Yesterday I saw a new challenge shared on Twitter called the Single Sim Challenge in which you only control a child sim.  My first thought was is…

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TS4- Bay Tides 1.11: Baffled

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Rotation One Chapter Eleven The Heckings Ch 1 August 21, 2017, the Cats and Dogs expansion was announced at Gamescom and with that was the reveal trailer.  All of you remember it.  I’ve watched…

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Diary: No word

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