Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Four: First Comes Love

Chapter Four: First Comes Love
Melody was a bit confused by the turn of events. Her high school crush stood here before her with something to tell her. They had become very close friends these past few weeks but that first night in the tent was the only time they had been truly intimate. Now here she was face to face with him in him home and ready to belong to him for a life time. Why had he pushed her away when she tried to kiss him?
“Melody you are a beautiful young woman.” he said. “And any man would be proud to have you for his wife.”
“Oh no …” thought Melody not liking the way he said those words. “But I have a secret…” he continued.
“Please do not be frightened and I will show you my secret.”

Melody took a step back as an automatic reflex and a tiny gasp escaped her lips. She was not afraid .. not really but the revelation had taken her by surprise. “How .. why … when did this happen?” she asked. “Remember when I was gone on that short tour right after we met? Well my band mates and I stayed to help clean up. Some strange looking people showed up and offered us a place to clean up and relax after the gig. They must have spiked our drinks or something. When I woke up I had this mark on my neck and now I am a vampire.” DeAndre would not look her in the eyes while he told her his story.

Now he looked at her with a meek expression. “DeAndre … I don’t know what to say.” Melody was uncertain how to react to such a story. She had heard rumors that several townspeople had come up missing or had started acting strangely. The Cafe’ had also been getting requests for plasma fruit to be added to the menu. But she never expected this. “Is there a cure?” she asked. DeAndre looked away again .. “I do not know. I heard the scientists at the local lab were working on it but it has not been perfected.” “Oh Melody … just cannot commit to anyone right now. And marriage is out of the question. I would not want to inflict this on anyone else.” Melody was heartbroken to hear those words. She began to sob softly. DeAndre took her in his arms and held her close. “You know I really love you Melody. You are such a sweet person and have become a great friend. I hope we can stay close even though I cannot marry you with this … condition.” “Come on .. it is late and I know you must be tired. You can stay here tonight and leave in the morning.”
They relaxed on the bed and talked way into the night until DeAndre fell asleep. Then Melody got up to go home.


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