Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Four Part Two: First Comes Love

Chapter Four Part Two: First Comes Love
When Melody left DeAndre’s house after his startling revelation she did not really want to go home. So instead she jogged over to the Gym to work out her frustration and anger at this turn of events. He had been her first crush and although a secret until now her first true love. What was she thinking? That she could just throw herself at his feet and everything was perfect? Hot tears ran down her cheeks as she pumped up the speed on the treadmill to run even faster.

Finally exhausted she took a hot shower and went back home to fall asleep in her tent. Melody was so miserable that her job performance at the Cafe’ was suffering. Mary was always on her case about something. And it seemed she was always given the dirtiest jobs. She was even blamed when things went wrong in the kitchen. It was not her fault the place had to be evacuated when a fire broke out in the kitchen.

But she needed that job … at least until something better came along. The only highlight of her day was when the Baker boys came to visit their mother. Lincoln (the scientist) had become a good friend but had made it quite clear he was not committed to anything but his career. Newton on the other hand was friendly and outgoing. A natural cook like his mother he would occasionally help out at the restaurant. He always found time to hang around after work and would occasionally walk Melody home. She enjoyed their times together and looked forward to seeing him again. They were joking around one night after work and sharing a bit of Key Lime pie on the Cafe’ patio. When they stood up to clear the plates he laid a hand on hers. “Melody you are the best friend I have ever had.” said Newton. And her gave her a big friendly hug. Still in his arms their eyes met and that was the moment they both knew this was more than friendship.


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One Response to Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Four Part Two: First Comes Love

  1. Dear Readers, I hope you like this story so far. As I said in the beginning I do not fancy myself an author. I just enjoy playing Sims and sharing my experiences. I have played the Dreamer family way ahead of this point and with so much to tell may have to abbreviate the story a bit. After all it will (hopefully) go on into the Tenth generation.
    Thank you for stopping by and reading my notes.
    -EQ / EuphorialQueen

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