Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter One: Moving on to a new start.

Chapter One:  Moving on to a new start. 

It was a restless night … hard to sleep with all the thoughts of what was to come. Finally Melody gave up and decided she might as well get her day started. She sat on the edge of the bed for a bit just staring down at the old worn wood floor.  With a heavy sigh she stood up and went to the wash room for a quick shower and to brush her teeth. The mirror began to fog up … not from the shower steam but from the glaze of tears that welled up in her eyes. She splashed some water on her face and tried to clear her thoughts. After getting dressed she decided to take a walk around the farm. Life on the farm was hard work but her loving parents had tried to only show Melody the good side.  As she walked thru the barn she remembered her father feeding milking the cows.  Some stray cats had made their home on the farm and they would gather at milking time.  It was always funny when her father would squirt their faces with the fresh warm milk.  She walked thru the small garden at the back of the house to the chicken coop.  Her mother had raised some prize winning chickens and taught Melody as a young child how to feed them and gather eggs from their nests. All the livestock had been sold now and nothing was left of them but the empty buildings.  Today was the day of the farm auction so Melody turned back to the house to greet the Auctioneer and the groups of people who had started to gather to look over the items for sale.


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