Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Three: Getting settled Part Two

Chapter Three: Getting settled Part Two
By the time Melody woke up DeAndre had gone. She got up to brush her teeth and get ready for her job interview at the Cafe’. She got the job and learned that her new boss was Mary Baker. Though the work was harder than she had imagined and a lot dirtier it did have its perks.

And it gave her the opportunity to meet lots of interesting people.

She soon learned her boss Mary had two sons. The first she met was Lincoln. He worked at the science facility.

His brother Newton wanted to become a World Renowned Surgeon but had not taken a job yet.

She would see DeAndre around town and they chatted on the phone often. He always seemed to be surrounded by fans and photographers.

It was hard to get close to him these days but one evening after his performance he stopped by the cafe’. He invited her back to his home because he wanted to tell her something.

She was giddy with excitement all the way there. What was it that was so important? Why his home? She offered him a massage because she could feel his tension. She was about to lean in to kiss him when he stopped her. “Wait … that is not why I asked you here.” He said. “That first night was wonderful but I had not planned for it to happen.” Melody stepped back a step to look into his eyes. There was something different … something darker.. but what?



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