Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Three: Getting Started

Chapter Three: Getting settled.
Her personal items and a few pieces of bric-a-brac were about all Melody had to set up her new home.  She bought a secondhand stove and ice box at the consignment shop.  A couple of nice young men helped her get them to her house. A dilapidated structure was all that was left of the house but at least there still electricity and running water.  Now that she had the basics to survive she needed to find a job. She called over the paper carrier and bought a copy of the local news. Hmmm now what kind of job could she get? There were several listings but the one that caught her eye was at the local Cafe’ working in the kitchen.  She had loved helping her mother in the kitchen.  Maybe this job would work.
[She rolled a wish to join the Culinary Career].

This place had pretty classy menu.  So she decided to try it out before applying for the job.

She decided to sit outside and was enjoying a very well prepared Vegan meal.  Then she spotted someone she thought she knew.

Could it be? …. ‘DeAndre? Is that you?…’ the man glanced up from his book.  Then he smiled that wide smile she knew so well. ‘Melody?’.. he said with a questioning voice.  ‘Melody Ann Dreamer.. I have not seen you since high school.’  Melody had a secret crush on DeAndre Wolf when they were in school together. Even then DeAndre exhibited his musical talents and his velvet baritone voice made many a girl swoon.

The two of them chatted a bit … getting reacquainted.  DeAndre had left home to pursue his dream of becoming a musician. He had toured a bit and now had made his home here.  He was a lead guitarist and gave live shows at the local theater for charity.  Melody’s heart nearly leaped out of her chest when he told her he was single.  Then she did something she never would have dared do … she leaned over and kissed him with a shy kiss that barely brushed his lips. [img]http://i23.servimg.com/u/f23/15/53/35/04/scree163.jpg[/img]

He looked her with a puzzled expression at first then he pulled her into his arms and kissed her back. He offered to give her a ride back home to save a Taxi fare. And .. well …


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