Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Two: Fresh Beginning

Chapter Two:  Fresh Beginning
The trip was a long one and Melody was exhausted when she arrived at the new town.  The sounds of the singsong chant of the auctioneer accented by the pound of the gavel and cry of “Sold!” still rang in her ears.  That was her history .. her home that was being sold away bit by bit.  But it was necessary to cover the family debt.  She stepped off the bus that she had taken from the airport with a heavy sigh.  She could not face any more ordeals today so she checked in to spend the night at a local Inn. It was another restless night like so many others of late but she needed to muster up the strength to go inspect the property she had inherited. It was not a long right from town but when she arrived she thought there was some mistake. ‘Driver…’ she asked ‘are you sure this is the place?’ ‘Yes miss this would be the address you gave’ he replied.  ‘But I thought there was a house here.’  ‘Oh yes Miss… There was a house but it burnt down a few years back.’  Her heart sank as she surveyed the plot.  Good thing she had packed her old camping gear and a few minor provisions.

After making a list Melody went to a local Consignment shop just up the street.

They had several interesting items in the shop.

And some .. uh .. interesting people as well.


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