Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Eight: Dare to Dream Again

Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Eight: Dare to Dream Again

It looked like Melody was going to be a single Mother raising Frank on her own.  Newton was no longer her husband but his Mother insisted he had to stay there to support her Grandchild.

Little Frank was only a toddler but he clung tightly to his mother as if to comfort her.  He could hear his parents arguing in the next room at times and this frightened him a bit.
Melody continued her aerobic exercises and took Frank along with her in his stroller when she would go jogging.

(Still searching for that Perfect Body)

The City had a new park under construction and they would jog past it checking out the progress. She and Frank would also visit the local library and they read books together for hours.
Melody had not totally given up on Newton … yet.  And tried to make amends but the local gossip paper had spread the rumor she was a cheater.  They even published a couple of pictures of her with DeAndre that were taken before her marriage to Newton.

She had ordered a Chemistry set for Newton’s birthday before their divorce.  She had known this was something he had wanted for a while.  She was testing it out and made a horrible mess of things. Nothing that could not be repaired but still…

She tried to tell Newton she was sorry for messing with his things.

He let her know in no uncertain terms he was having none of it and stormed out of the house.
The reporters had been stalking Newton as well and the scandal of their divorce was all over town.
He still got invited to parties and when he was not working was gone elsewhere.

(Gossip Mongers)

Hmmm … wonder if this one has her sites set on Newton?


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