Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Five: … Then Comes Marriage … and More

Chapter Five: … Then Comes Marriage … and More
Newton and Melody became quite an item the next few weeks. They were spotted together on several occasions and were quite the romantic couple. Because of her association with DeAndre the press had taken an interest in Melody and showed up in the most unusual places. There seemed to be no escaping them. They were at the gym, the theatre and even hiding in the grocery aisles just waiting to catch a shot of Melody and anyone with whom she was associated. They even stalked her at her home and the Cafe’ while she was working. DeAndre had gone on another charity tour and was not returning her calls. This left her a bit heartbroken but Newton was here and Newton was now. So she poured all her energy into forming a bond with him instead. They had just finished dinner at the Cafe’ and over a divine plate of Angel Food Cake Melody made a decision that would change her life. They went outside under the moonlight after all the other customers had left the Cafe’. Well .. almost all. A lone reporter was lurking round the corner waiting for a juicy picture to post. “Newton… ” she said in a quiet almost shy tone “…I really enjoy your company and have grown to love you with all my heart.” “Would you consider sharing a lifetime together?” She could see an excited sparkle in his eyes. Or was that a tear? A tear of joy she hoped.

He was stunned for a moment but then happily said ‘Yes!” as he almost knocked her over when he embraced her. The courtship was short… still no sign of DeAndre. But now she was committed to Newton. The two of them worked on getting a house built on her land. It was small and humble but much better than that tent and the ancient plumbing and salvaged appliances. They were married in a quiet ceremony with Lincoln as Best man and Mary her soon to be Mother-In-Law in attendance.

Stalked by the press:

The beginnings of a real home.

The Proposal

Exchanging Rings

The two are joined ….

…. to become One.



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