Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Seven: Trouble in Dream(er) Land

Chapter Seven: Trouble in Dream(er) Land

Newton did help teach Frank to walk and talk and learn his letters. But sometimes Melody wondered what exactly he was teaching him.

Even though he tried to hide it the strain of having a child underfoot all the time was too much for Newton at times. Obviously Pediatrics was NOT going to be his specialty.

Melody was starting to feel her age as she realized she was not going to be a spring chicken for much longer. She was going to have one of THOSE birthdays soon. UGH! She hated the thought of growing older. The house still only had the bare essentials and her career at the Cafe’ was not advancing as fast as she would have liked. Her patience was wearing thin with the whole situation of supporting Newton and helping him through school. He was still gone a lot more than she thought he should have been. Where was he going any way? She was not sure she really wanted to know. Playing with Frank was the highlight of her days. That and a small garden that she started to help make ends meet. She was still afraid of the dark (Coward trait) so mostly stayed indoors at night. A few nights she thought she heard something rustling outside the window. She ran thru the house making sure all the doors and windows were locked. Peeking thru a curtain she could see Doug the reporter who seemed to like haunting her. UGH! She hated being tracked and her every move recorded.
Well her Big day came with only a limited amount of fanfare. It was her birthday. (YA to Adult)

It had been a Horrible day. She had been locked in the walk-in freezer when a co-worker had ‘accidently’ closed the door. One of the cooks had spilled garlic sauce all over her and some of the customers had sent food back complaining it was overcooked or undercooked or something. Melody was hot, exhausted and reeked of garlic. And to top it off her boss /Mother-In-Law Mary had left early … again. Rumor around town was that Mary (a single mother) had a new flame she was seeing now. Melody did not know or care who. She was just upset that the restaurant was not being properly run.
Having had enough Melody marched right back into the Cafe’ and threw her garlic soaked apron on the desk in Mary’s office. She hastily scrawled a note and left it on top of the apron. “I Quit!!!” was what she wrote.
She did not tell Newton that she Quit. She just went home and paid the babysitter and after playing peek-a-boo and ‘The Claw’ with Frank she tucked him in bed took a long hot bubble bath and went to bed. The next morning she got a call from Mary begging her to come back to work. But she stayed strong in her resolve to leave that job for good. She would find some way to make money. She hired a sitter and went to pick up her last check. On the way home she decided a make over was in order. Stopping by the salon she got her hair styled and tried on some outfits.

Maybe it was the Mid-Life Crisis talking but she wanted to look younger.

“Ugh … I feel so .. fat.” she said to no one in particular.
She had just paid for her purchases and changed into her new everyday outfit and was primping in the mirror when she caught the reflection of Newton in the mirror.

His face was red and he marched towards her with clenched fists.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He hissed at her thru clenched teeth. “I have to hear from my Mother that you quit? Why couldn’t we have talked about this? You know money is tight. How could you do this to me?”
Melody stepped back … she had seen him upset before but never this angry.

Then he said those terrible words. “I want a Divorce.”


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