Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Six: Pitter Patter

Chapter Six: Pitter Patter

Chapter Six: Pitter Patter
It was several months since the wedding and Newton had gotten a job at the hospital and started training to become a doctor. The days were long and the nights were longer. He had to start at an entry level doing bedpan duty and practicing his bedside manner. He told Melody that his job required him to get to know his co-workers and a few well-known people around town to advance in his career.

Melody spent more time at the Cafe’ than before to work extra hours to help pay for Newton’s schooling.
(*Newton’s traits:Natural Cook Perceptive Mooch and Friendly. Did I hear you ask what is the fifth trait? Wait for it …..)

It was no wonder she was so tired all the time. Then she started feeling ill. Maybe it was the smells from the kitchen … or the fumes from the science lab that sometimes wafted thru the air. Or maybe …. Melody turned pale at the thought… maybe… could it be? She did not want to say anything to Newton until she was sure. Melody made an appointment at a neighborhood clinic to confirm her suspicions. It was early evening when she got the results and she could not wait to share the news.

“May I speak to Newton Baker please?” …. pause … “What do you mean he is not there? He told me he was working late tonight.” … “Okay fine.. thank you.” Melody was certain Newton was supposed to be working late. She called a few of their friends and none seemed to have seen Newton.

Now she was upset that maybe something had happened to him. What else could explain his disappearance? Mary had her scheduled to work til closing … again so she went on in to work. When she got off work Newton was sound asleep and smelled a bit like Nectar. He was so sound asleep and Melody was exhausted so she just cuddled up next to him and fell asleep. When she woke he had already gone to work but he had left a red rose on the pillow for her to find. The rose made her feel better but she was still worried about Newton and excited to share her news. She sent a text to Newton and asked him to meet her at the Cafe’. He met her with another red rose and she could barely contain herself. “You look different …” he said. “Kind of glow….” he stopped mid sentence. Wait … are you ….?” Melody beamed at her husband and nodded yes excitedly with a broad grin on her face.
“Well isn’t that just perfect?” he said throwing his hands in the air. Her grin faded quickly. Not exactly the reaction she expected. (Ready … here it comes… Newtons fifth trait.)
“You know how much I hate it when kids are around. Always making a fuss about something … whining and crying and making messes everywhere they go.”

Now was a fine time to say he hates children! “Melody come back… you know I love you…and I will do my best to be a good father. Maybe having a child of my own … our own will be different.”
Newton was attentive to Melody during the months ahead.
He made sure she ate right and got plenty of exercise.

She had cravings for fruit parfait and sometimes woke in the middle of the night for a late snack.
It was late at night when she went into labor. Fortunately Newton had just gotten home. They took a Taxi to hurry back to the hospital just in time for the birth of Frank Newton Dreamer … named after her father and her husband.

Before long Frank was a toddler and took a lot of Melody’s time. Newton did his share … when he was home. But she could tell he was not happy about it.

Toddler time!

Frank’s favorite toy was an old teddy that had belonged to Newton.


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