Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Nine: Can Dreams Come True?

Chapter Nine: Can Dreams Come True?

Melody thumbed thru the pictures in the album looking for clues. Where had she gone wrong? Did she marry Newton because she loved him? Or because she just did not want to end up alone? The first couple of years seemed okay. They laughed and talked into the night. They went to the movies and sat way in the back so they could cuddle in the dark.

Games at the stadium and picnics in the park. Everything seemed to be going well until … No she would not let herself think it. The day she told him they were expecting was when things started to go sour. But Frank was such a sweet child. Only crying when he was hungry or needed changing. Melody had not gotten another job just so she could dedicate her time to Frank. She sold some of the produce from her meager garden to help make ends meet. Newton’s mother sent them money from time to time. She even loaned them money to fix up the house a bit. Bless Mary’s heart… she had been a hard person to work with but was trying her best to help Frank with what was needed to grow up in a clean safe home. As she turned the page she heard the from door open and the sound of Newton throwing his keys on the table. ‘Where have you been?’ She asked quietly trying to control the tremor in her voice. ‘Why do you care?’ …he asked in a harsh slurred tone. As he grew closer she could smell the sickening aroma of too much nectar. Fortunately she had arranged for a friend to take Frank for the night. At least he would not be frightened by their arguments. Newton stumbled across the room and lunged toward the bed where Melody sat with the album in her lap. ‘What do you need that ol’ thing for? It is just full of lies’. ‘They were not lies …’ she retorted …”I really did love you… and I thought you loved me.’
“Pffft ..” he said with a snort. ‘then why did you have to ruin it and go and have a kid?’ He was drunk on Nectar and she knew it but the words still stung. It was at that point that he fell across the bed and passed out. Melody was so shocked and so hurt she did not want to stay in that house… not tonight. In spite of her fear of the dark she took off running .. and running …

She did not know where she was running … but she ended up in front of DeAndre’e house.

It was late but she hoped he would answer the door. When he did she fell into his arms and sobbed on his shoulder. She was not sure what she was saying just how unhappy she was and how much she loved Frank and how Newton had turned cold and did not seem to care about them any more. DeAndre just held he tight in his arms and let her have her say.

‘You cannot go back there tonight .. not with him in that state. And you say Frank is safe at your friends for the night? Then you need to stay here for tonight’ .. his even tone was calm and reassuring. Melody stepped back and nodded in agreement.

He took her by the hand and said ‘Come on .. I will show you to the guest room.’ Melody started to follow but stopped. ‘I just cannot spend another night is an empty bed. Can I … sleep in your room?’
Their eyes met and he pulled her close… ‘of course’ he whispered.


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