Dreamer of Dreams by EQ Chapter Ten: Moving On

Chapter Ten: Moving On
In the weeks that followed Melody and DeAndre remained the closest of friends. Knowing the press would have a field day if they found out about their relationship they kept their meetings quiet. Newton was spending time at his Mother’s house but still found his way back to Melody’s to Mooch food or to sleep in the tent in the back yard.
His job was not going so well. He was going to to many parties trying to recapture his youth. That meant to many late nights and sometimes sneaking off to a supply closet to sleep when he was supposed to be working. Melody could see he was getting more and more restless and it made her uncomfortable.
“Melody … it’s just awful. I am going out of my mind with worry.”

“My boss is mad at me. My co-workers avoid me. I cannot concentrate on my job.”

“And the patients… the patients are so … demanding.”

“My boss even made me work the pediatric ward… PEDIATRICS… you know how much I hated that? All those whiny kids!”

“Well what do you expect me to do about it? I was all for supporting you when we got married. I was willing to make sacrifices to help you follow your dreams to be a World Renowned Surgeon. It is your fault that all came to an end. You are the one who wanted a divorce.” …she shrugged.

Newton just stared at Melody with the most stupidly incredulous look on his face. The silence was deafening as they stood there glaring at each other.

Melody broke the silence. “You need help Newton. And it appears I am not the one to help you. I suggest you go wherever you need to go but you cannot stay here. You will only confuse Frank and upset us both.”

Newton hung is head low as he packed a small bag of his things and left to go home to his Mother.

Mary had been a single mother raising Newton and his brother Lincoln on her own. She knew how hard it would be for Melody to do this on her own. But after a long discussion with Newton they agreed he should stay with her for a while. She would try to help him get the help he so desperately needed to recover his sanity and peace of mind. Then maybe .. just maybe he could become a good father to Frank.

Melody breathed a sigh of relief when Newton left. She had been thru a roller coaster of emotions when he was still there after the divorce. She did not hate him because she had come to understand he was not a well balanced person. She felt more pity than hate. She was glad he could finally get help dealing with his conflicting emotions.
She had more important things to concentrate on now. She sold a few things to get enough money to support Frank and herself for a while longer. She could not bear to leave Frank with a sitter for more than a few hours. Not yet anyway. Frank was going to start school soon then she would get a job.
On his birthday she baked a small cake for the two of them to celebrate. She and Frank sang and clapped and danced.

He was still her baby … just a bit older.

Melody had kept the chemistry set and after a few safety lessons Frank was allowed to try some simple experiments under Melody’s watchful eye.

The next day they enjoyed breakfast together then Melody took him to register for school.

The after school Scouting program was fun for Frank. He enjoyed all the activities and proudly displayed his badges.

DeAndre was on tour again but they kept in touch. He was interested in Frank’s progress in school and was glad to hear her Mooch of an ex-husband was finally out of the house.
Melody had applied for a few jobs around town and was waiting to get a call back for an interview. She was fixing herself a pickle and mustard sandwich in the middle of the night when it dawned on her she was having cravings again.

Looks like she may have to put that job off just a while longer.

Frank was excited to have a baby brother or sister to play with.

Melody and Frank spent hour talking about the baby and making plans. They also spent time playing Chess and other fun games together.
Pillow Fight!


The time was growing closer and Melody needed to tell the baby’s father the news. She was certain it was not Newton’s because they had not been together in that way for way too long. The only other possibility was DeAndre. She was going to have the child of her first true love. She smiled at the thought as she rubbed her expanded tummy humming a sweet lullaby tune.

She was a bit nervous at how DeAndre would take the news. He did well with Frank and seemed to enjoy talking to the kids that came to his concerts in town. He even donated some money to get new playground equipment for the school. This was news that you do not just tell a person on the phone. It was something you needed to say face to face. She wanted to see his reaction in person. But babies do not wait for anyone. Frank was on a scouting trip and DeAndre was due back from his tour any day. Melody had been taking an afternoon nap when she started feeling the labor pains. She called a taxi and rushed to the hospital.

“It’s a boy!” were the last word she heard as she fell back against the pillows. It was a long labor and she was exhausted. “DeAndre”… she whispered into the air. “We have a son.”


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