I.VI.I Great Expectations

Of Kings And Castles

Feeling Unwell

Her Majesty, Queen Eleanor I, was not feeling well, she was uncomfortable during the night and would get little sleep. During the day she felt nauseous and could not go out from her chambers, for fear of being sick. While King Edmund I worried that it should be something serious, John de Servant was sure that the Queen was pregnant again. It was soon apparent that John was right, as the close servant of the Queen, he knew of most details regarding her health, including her menstrual cycle. Of course, John was loyal to the Queen and did not reveal anything to anybody, not even the King.

Raising the Dauphin

The Crown Prince, Edmund II, and Princess Catherine thrived in their nursery. John took more time to care for the royal children now that the Queen was pregnant again, he didn’t want to miss anything and made sure they got the best of…

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  1. Tota says:

    Thank you EQ, I got a lot of new views on this chapter, I’m sure it was because you linked it from here 😀

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