Within The Crystal Ball – 7.11 – Sibling Matters

“I tried to leave the room but she took hold of my hand and said in a demonically possessed voice that if I dared leave her side she would rip my heart out. So I meekly sat beside her and let her break all the bones in my hand as she gave birth. ” Cracked me up!

The Danevbie Legacy

Lumie and I stayed up a long time but both of us ended falling asleep before Vilkas got home. Dad and Pa had ushered us upstairs after the girl had said she knew Villy’s biological family. Well. Ushered me upstairs. I woke up Lumie and we mentally discussed this while we sat at the top of the stairs, trying to get a better look at the blonde lady. Lumie dropped off at two am and I had to shake her gently awake to help her back in her room. I got her tucked in, then decided to curl up in Gladdy’s bed to wait for Vilkas… but then dropped off myself. I woke up sometime after seven, sleepy, confused, and then falling out when I remembered the night’s events.

I ran out of the room and down the stairs. Vilkas wasn’t anywhere in sight though the blonde woman was sitting…

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