I.X.II The Growing Pack

Of Kings And Castles

Fall at the Monastery

Fall came to the monastery at Aspen Wood Hills once more, while the trees became red and yellow and the leaves fell, it still seemed like time stood still. Apart from the seasonal changes, everyday was like the other, quiet and calm. Life as a monk or nun was not for great adventurers or thrill-seeking sims, it was for those who longed to immerse themselves in hard work and inner peace.

Breakfast at the Monastery

Becoming elder did a lot of things to a sim, for once, Peter started to worry about things that he had never given a thought to earlier in life. He was very thankful to Helena and happy to have her company, she was devoted to the Watcher and hard-working. She was certainly a good addition to the monastery, still her shy and quiet nature meant that she was not a sim to lead the masses in their spiritual journey. However much he…

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