II.II.VII Romance of a Loner

Of Kings And Castles


Life on his own, away from his parents and brother, was not as bad as one could think. Tilton Potter was a loner and enjoyed the solitude very much. Every morning he would ride down to town and work at the Sláinte chugat Harmony Hospital, he was a good sim and had a dream of reaching the top of the medical career. In the evenings he would ride home, tired but satisfied that he had made a difference in the lives of many sims of Castle Keep.


In the solitude of his home he would tend to the house and, as of late, to his correspondence. Apart from his usual letters to his brother Rudd and his father Osmond, there was one particular sim he was most keen on receiving letters from. Since they had made each other’s acquaintance, Lady Velma Harald and Mr. Potter had been on a daily correspondence…

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