~ Chapter 27 ~ Episode 9 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Noelle is in the kitchen preparing a batch of ooey-gooey chocolaty chip cookies. She pours extra chocolate chips into the bowl and stirs.

06-10-15_4-27 PM

A moment later, her phone rings. She pops a chocolate morsel into her mouth and answers the phone. “Hello?” she says, letting the tiny chip melt on her tongue. “This is Noelle Pickles.”

06-10-15_4-28 PM

It’s the realtor calling about the house for sale in Willow Creek. “For real? My bid won? I got the house?!” Noelle accidentally  drops the phone. “Oops sorry. Overly excited here.” She thanks the realtor and dials Kade immediately. It goes straight to voicemail. “Kade, it’s me. Call me as soon as you get this. I have some wonderful news!”

Noelle finishes baking the cookies. “I can’t wait to be doing this in my new home!” she smiles thinking to herself.

Just as the sun begins to set there’s a knock at the front…

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