~ Chapter 27 ~ Episode 10 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Several weeks go by. Noelle’s pregnancy is progressing smoothly without issue, that is until early one Saturday. Kade is away on business and he isn’t planning to visit Hidden Springs. Noelle is home with Kinley when she begins to feel an unusual feeling in her belly. “Ugh.” she moans as she holds her stomach.

06-04-15_8-59 PM

“Are you alright mommy?” Kinley turns to ask from her art table.

Faking a smile, “Yeah I’m okay sweetheart.” Noelle replies and tries to get comfortable on the sofa. After much tossing and turning Noelle gets up to go the the bathroom.

“Where are you going?” Kinley asks concerned for her mother. She can see that something isn’t right.

“I’m just going to the bathroom. I’ll be out in a few.” Noelle closes and locks the door.

06-04-15_9-02 PM

Moments later Noelle lets out a loud scream. “Ahhhhhhh. No, no, no, no, no!” she cries out.

Panicked, Kinley…

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