~ Chapter 28 ~ Episode 2 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Noelle arrives home in Willow Creek with Kinley and Sammy early Saturday morning. Kade meets them at the new house. “You made it!” he greets them when they pull up. “Come on ladies, come check out our new home!” Kade says happy to have his family back. Noelle and Kinley are excited to see the house. “Hang on, let me bring Sammy inside first.” Kade unbuckles Sammy from his car seat and lays him in his bassinet inside. Then he meets the girls out front. “Ready?” he asks. “This is home.”

06-13-15_12-19 AM

The three of them enter the living room. “Oh Kade, this looks great! You did a fantastic job in here!” Noelle says with a big smile. “We have a fireplace, cool!” Kinley enthuses.”

06-13-15_12-20 AM

“Onto the kitchen.” Kade leads them. As they enter the kitchen, Kinley’s mouth drops. “The kitchen is as big as our old house!” she squeals. Noelle…

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