~ Chapter 28 ~ Episode 5 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

One evening Noelle and Kinley are playing dolls together. “Mommy, you can be the dad, and I’ll be the mom and the kid.” Kinley instructs Noelle as she hands her a doll.

“Wow Kinz, you’re gonna be two people, impressive.” Noelle smiles. They laugh as they play, being playful and goofy.

06-14-15_3-51 PM

“This is fun mommy!” Kinley exclaims.

“I’m gonna make the dad go swimming.” Noelle tells Kinley as she puts the boy doll in the dollhouse pool.

(Ding Dong) “I’ll be right back, someone’s at the door.” Noelle says as she gets up off the floor. “Wonder who it is?”

06-14-15_3-55 PM

As Noelle approaches the door, she can see her mother, Naomi standing there.

06-14-15_3-56 PM

“Mom! What a nice surprise! It’s so nice living so close, now you can pop on by any time. Did you just leave work?”

06-14-15_3-57 PM

Naomi nods. “Yeah. I had some extra coverage at the bakery so I…

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