~ Chapter 28 ~ Episode 6 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

As the morning sun rises, the family begins their day in the kitchen. Kade is reading the news on the Sim-pad while Kinley is eating breakfast before school. “Good morning.” Noelle says as she emerges from the bedroom.

06-14-15_4-19 PM-2

She prepares herself a bowl of yogurt with fruit and takes a seat at the table. “Don’t you look pretty today.” she tells Kinley.

“Thank you mommy.” Kinley replies. Kade continues reading.

06-14-15_4-20 PM

“Is yogurt yummy?” Kinley asks.

“Oh yes. It’s delicious, and healthy.” Noelle says taking another bite. “Would you like to try a taste?” Kinley nods. Noelle scoops a small amount of yogurt on the spoon for Kinley to taste. “Mmmmm…I like it!” Kinley says smacking her lips.

06-14-15_4-22 PM

-BEEP BEEP- “Bus is here.” Kinley grabs her backpack and runs out the door.

“Have a good……day” Noelle says, the glass door closes before she can finish.

Things are pretty quiet between Kade…

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