~ Chapter 28 ~ Episode 7 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Kade slowly opens the bedroom door. No sign of Noelle. “She must be in the study.” he thinks to himself. Kade approaches Sammy in the bassinet. “Hey little guy, you awake all alone in here?” Kade tickles the tiny baby. “Boop…Got your nose.”

06-14-15_4-52 PM

Sammy begins to cry.

06-14-15_4-53 PM

“Shhhhh….it’s alright. You can have your nose back. I was only playin’.” Kade shooshes the baby. “I better do this fast.” Kade unsnaps Sammy’s onesie to reveal his diaper. His hands are shaking. He pulls the left tab of the diaper open, then the right, his stomach in knots, his breath shallow. Kade takes ahold of the diaper and lowers it to reveal Sammy’s genitals.

06-14-15_4-53 PM-2

He swallows hard. Kade reattaches the diaper tabs and snaps the onesie back together. He takes a deep breath in. Sammy drifts off to sleep. Kade stands motionless, staring at the sleeping baby.

A voice from behind startles…

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