~ Chapter 28 ~ Episode 8 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Kinley arrives home from school. She changes out of her school clothes and does her homework. She’s sitting on the sofa watching television when there is a knock at the door.

06-14-15_5-11 PM

“That must be the police.” Kade says to Noelle. “Don’t even think about running.” Kade answers the door. “Good afternoon sir, Officer Adams, Llama PD.” the officer introduces himself. “You called about having some information on a sim-napping?”

06-14-15_5-12 PM

“Yes, I’ll show you. You probably won’t believe this.” Kade tells him. “Follow me.”

06-14-15_5-14 PM

Kade shows the officer to the bedroom, “In here.” he says.

06-14-15_5-15 PM

“This uh, this baby here is the baby girl that was sim-napped from the park in Hidden Springs. The woman that’s sitting out there, um…she sim-napped her. She’s been playing it off as if this baby were my son. I just found out and called you immediately.” Kade explains to the officer. Officer Adams looks closely…

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