~ Chapter 28 ~ Episode 10 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Naomi Pickles has just got home from a long day at the bakery. She and her husband Elliot are spending a quiet evening watching television when both of their cell phones ring. “Hello?” “Hello?” they both answer.

06-14-15_6-57 PM06-14-15_6-54 PM

“Are you watching the news?” Aiden asks Naomi frantically.

“Dad, put on the news channel right now! You’re not gonna believe what’s on!” Oliver tells Elliot.

Elliot changes the channel to the news station.

06-14-15_6-58 PM

-BREAKING NEWS- appears across the screen. Naomi and Elliot watch anxiously. “This just in:” the newscaster begins. ” Hidden Springs sim-napping case has a happy ending. Infant girl, Abigail Peach, reunited with her parents after being stolen from her mother while at a park. Noelle Pickles of Willow Creek arrested on sim-napping charges. Pickles was found in her home with Peach. Authorities say the infant is unharmed. More to come on news at eleven.”

Naomi can’t believe what she’s…

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