~ Chapter 28 ~ Episode 12 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

The next morning Naomi and Elliot arrive back at the police department to bail Noelle out of jail. “Good morning Officer Adams.” Naomi greets the officer when she reaches the front desk. “We’re here to post bail on Noelle Pickles.”

06-15-15_8-46 PM

“Ahem.” Officer Adams clears his throat.

“Is something wrong?” Elliot asks.

The officer nods. “Mr. and Mrs. Pickles, Noelle has made a full confession. She has been charged with sim-napping. She will spend ten to fifteen years in the Sims State Penitentiary.”

Both Elliot’s and Naomi’s mouths drop. “Fifteen years!” Naomi shouts. “You’re kidding!”

“Where is she? I mean is there a way we can see her?” Elliot questions.

“Sure, I’ll have Officer Oswald come get you to take you back. It’ll be a few moments.” Officer Adams calls to the back part of the police station. “Officer Oswald, could you please come up front and take the Pickles back…

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