~ Chapter 29 ~ Episode 3 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Elliot and Naomi head straight home to begin packing. They have a huge tag sale and sell many of their un-needed items over the course of a few days. “That’s everything.” Elliot says as he loads the last box onto the moving truck. “Looks so empty in here.”

06-20-15_4-16 PM

Naomi’s eyes get teary, she sniffles. “I can’t believe we’re not gonna sleep under this roof tonight. I hope we made the right decision. We made the right decision, didn’t we Ell?”

06-20-15_4-18 PM

Elliot kisses Naomi’s cheek. “Of course we did. It’ll take a little adjusting but our new place will be ‘home’ in no time!”

06-20-15_4-17 PM

“We better get going. We’ve got a lot to unpack yet and it’s getting late.” The Pickles take one last walk through around the house. “Oh, we forgot to pack up the books on our doorway bookshelf.”

“Just leave em’. The new tenant can have them or…

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