~ Chapter 29 ~ Episode 7 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Aiden gets right to work on renovating his parents old house. There’s several changes he plans to make if he wants to make it the perfect home for his family. He begins first by tearing down the old kitchen and rebuilding it completely. Aiden also gives the bathroom a makeover. He insulates where the garage door was and encloses it with sheetrock. “That’ll be the perfect bedroom for Jade and Talia.” he thinks to himself.

Next he works on the master bedroom. Aiden tears out the walk-in closet and adds two full panel glass doors. “Excellent!” he says smiling. “Now for some paint.” Aiden puts fresh paint on the walls and polishes the hardwood floors. He stands back and admires his work. The house looks great! Aiden puts a call in to Anika. “Hey hunny, I’m all set with the inside work. It’s all yours for furniture and decorations!” Aiden…

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