~ Chapter 30 ~ Episode 10 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

The next morning before school Jayla arrives at the Pickles’ residence. She knocks on the door. (Knock Knock)

06-27-15_11-48 PM

“I’ll get it.” Anika says. “Good morning Jayla.” she says as she opens the door and invites Jayla in.

06-27-15_11-49 PM

“Jayla honey, I’m not so sure Sage is going to school today.” Anika tells her.

“Why not?” Jayla questions. “Is everything okay? Is Sage alright?”

“Well, she wasn’t feeling well last night. I think she’s come down with the stomach flu or something. I walked in on her vomiting in the middle of the night.” Anika tells Jayla.

Jayla sighs deeply. “Saaaggeee!” she moans.

06-27-15_11-50 PM

“Jayla? Is there something I’m missing here? Do you have something you know that I don’t?” Anika asks.

“I promised I wouldn’t say anything.” Jayla replies.

06-27-15_11-50 PM-2

“Jayla sweetie, if you know something of importance, you really need to tell me.” Anika tells Jayla sounding concerned.

“Alright, but come close.”…

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