~ Chapter 30 ~ Episode 11 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.” Jayla says to Sage as they’re running together on the treadmills at the Movers and Shakers gym. “Look, I’m sorry for breaking my promise. You had me scared.”

06-30-15_12-21 PM

“Don’t worry about it.” Sage replies. “It’s over and done with.” Sage pushes the speed button on her treadmill and picks up the pace.

06-30-15_12-34 PM

Jayla smiles over at Sage. “You’ve really gotten fast!”

06-30-15_12-35 PM

“Remember the first day we came?” she asks Sage.

“Yes!” Sage laughs. “I fell off the treadmill!” Both Sage and Jayla burst out in laughter remembering back to that day. The laughter fades and the girls focus on their run.  As Sage runs, she begins to sweat, a lot!

06-30-15_12-35 PM-2

The sweat drips off of her like a leaky faucet, her shirt becomes drenched. This isn’t normal, something isn’t right here. Sage hits the red emergency stop button on the treadmill. She carefully steps off…

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