~ Chapter 30 ~ Episode 12 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

“Well she looks to be alright now.” Belle tells Anika and Aiden. “Her blood pressure was extremely high when she first arrived but it seems to have returned to normal now.”

06-30-15_1-00 PM

“I don’t understand.” Anika replies. “What would have caused her to pass out like that? She’s a young healthy girl.”

“She probably just pushed herself too hard at the gym, over exerted herself. That’s all it takes sometimes.” Belle explains. “Let me take a quick look at her blood work results to see if anything came up on that. Why don’t you guys take a seat in the waiting area and let me speak to Sage alone, alright?” Belle approaches Sage and Jayla. “Excuse me girls, I don’t mean to interrupt. Jayla do you think you can give Sage and I a few minutes? You can wait out in the waiting area with Sage’s parents, it’ll only be a…

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