~ Chapter 31 ~ Episode 6 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Belle returns to the hospital bright and early Sunday morning. She is greeted by Peyton Belvedere. “Good morning!” Dr. Belvedere says. “How was the twins party?”

07-11-15_10-03 PM

“Oh it was great.” Belle tells Peyton. “I’m glad you convinced me to stay home and rest on Friday. I was wiped out after the party!”

“You sure you’re feeling better now?”

Belle nods. “Yes, much better!”

“Alright then, you have a patient waiting for you in exam room two.” Peyton grins.

Belle shakes her head. “Never a dull moment here!” she says heading for the exam room. “Mrs. Stanton!” Belle exclaims when she walks in.

“Please, call me Moriah.”

“What brings you in to the hospital? You’re not still having stomach pains are you?” Belle questions her patient.

“No, it’s not my stomach. It’s this head of mine. I have had a horrible headache.” Moriah describes.

Belle uses her little light to look…

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