~ Chapter 31 ~ Episode 10 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Oliver tries to rehearse in his head over and over how he’ll break the news of Belle’s death to the children. “C’mon Oliver, think!” he tells himself. He decides there’s just no easy way about it. “Kids, can you all come into the living room please.” he calls out. Dill, Alexis, Peter and Piper all enter the room. “Go ahead and sit. I wanna talk to you guys about something.” Oliver sits too. His hands get clammy, he begins to sweat.

07-12-15_8-37 PM

“Are you alright dad?” Dill asks. “You don’t look so good.

“I have some news to tell you all. It’s not good news.” Oliver hangs down his head. He takes a deep breath in. “Kids, something happened to mommy while she was at work.” Oliver’s eyes well up with tears.

“Daddy, are you crying?” little Piper questions.

Oliver sniffles. ” Yeah Piper, I’m sad.  Mommy’s body stopped working, her…

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