~ Chapter 32 ~ Episode 8 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

The day for Anika’s ultrasound arrives. “These four days seemed like a lifetime.” Anika tells Aiden in the waiting room of the hospital. “I’m so nervous. What if something is wrong?” she asks.

“Don’t think that way.” Aiden kisses Anika’s forehead. “I’m sure everything is fine. The baby has been moving around like crazy.” he smiles.

Aiden and Anika are then interrupted. “Mr. And Mrs. Pickles.” Peyton Belvedere calls out their names. “You can follow me back to the exam room now.”

07-17-15_11-36 PM

“How have you been feeling these past few days?” Dr. Belvedere asks Anika once in the exam room.

“Better.” Anika replies. “That medicine you gave me has helped. I haven’t been as nauseous.”

07-17-15_11-38 PM

“Glad to hear that.” Dr. Belvedere smiles. “I’m glad the medicine is doing it’s job. Aiden, why don’t you have a seat in the chair right there, and Anika, go ahead and sit up on…

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