~ Chapter 32 ~ Episode 11 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

It’s the day after the party. “The party went wonderfully!” Anika exclaims. “Did you see the look on everybody’s faces when you brought out that second cake?”

07-17-15_10-42 PM-2

“Yeah! Complete shock. But the real kicker was the confusion when I pulled out that third one! That was hilarious!” Aiden adds.

Just then the phone rings. “Hello?” Oliver answers.

07-17-15_10-37 PM

“Dr. Belvedere, hi! We’ve been waiting for your call.” Oliver pauses and listens. “Today? Sure. Uh-huh. Yes. We’ll be here. We look forward to seeing you.” He hangs up the phone. “That was Dr. Belvedere. She’s going to make a house call in a while to check in on you. I think I’m gonna go for a quick jog before she gets here.” Aiden tells Anika.

“Owww.” Anika moans, rubbing her lower back. “Okay.” Anika responds.

“Hunny, are you okay?” Aiden asks.

07-17-15_10-46 PM

Anika nods. “I’m fine. It’s just my back is sore. That’s…

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