~ Chapter 32 ~ Episode 14 ~

Sims Storybook ~ A Pickles Tale

Aiden drives Anika to the hospital. As they pull up out front, Dr. Belvedere is right there to meet them. “Hey, long time no see.” she laughs. “How are your contractions Anika?” Dr. Belvedere questions, getting back to being serious.

“They’re getting pretty intense and closer together.” Anika replies. Dr. Belvedere feels Anika’s belly before entering the hospital.

07-18-15_1-43 AM-2

“Let’s go ahead inside. I’ll have you change into a gown and we’ll get this show on the road!” Dr. Belvedere says excitedly. Once inside, Anika changes out of her clothes and into a gown. “Right this way.” the doctor says, leading Anika up a long corridor. Anika follows nervously.

07-18-15_1-45 AM

“What about Aiden?” Anika questions as she trudges up the hallway. “Doesn’t he get to come? I want him there for the babies births.”

07-18-15_4-16 PM

“Of course!” Dr. Belvedere replies. “Once we get you situated, Aiden will be called in to join us.”…

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