Simega Stories

Chapter 1.1

“Hurricane Mortimer had done more damage that I expected. The town my father and grandfather built is gone. I can’t leave like everyone else, my entire life is here. Even if I have nothing. “

I could see people in the street as they were said their final goodbyes. I desperately looked around to be sure I did’t see anyone I knew. I’d plan to stay in Willow Creek and start anew. There was no way I would let anyone stop me.

Not too far ahead of me I spotted familiar faces. It was Natalie and Patricia from my college. It looked like they were trying to say their last goodbyes. I nodded and threw a half smile,  as they each make eye contact with me. We all begin to walk north on Main Street in silence towards the old baseball field. Or at least what was left…

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Love The Sims and reading stories. This blog has become more of a repository of links to stories I follow.
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