Ch. 37: Asking for Trouble

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02-09-16_8-12-38 PM

Well, I am positive that I’m just asking for trouble, but I’m going to get the More the Wilder going again and we’re kicking it off with the Room Challenge! I’ll be following the rules from here. Updates on TMTW will be only once a week and below is my schedule of updates:

Monday: The Thoreau Legacy
Tuesday: Crazy Town
Wednesday: The More the Wilder
Thursday: The Thoreau Legacy
Friday: Crazy Town

And I’m reserving the weekends for playing, writing, and real life stuff.

Anyhoo, with that business out of the way, let me introduce you to our challenge star, Connor Erickson. He’s a creative, cheerful, geek and his first aspiration is Bestselling Author. Connor, it’s time to build you the boxiest house that ever was.

02-09-16_9-33-12 PM

Quite possibly, this is the worst house I’ve ever built, but I went for function over form. Over on the right is the…

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