The Frey’s New Home


This is our founder – Lucas Orlando Frey.

profile of lucasHis dream is to become a master chef. This is the story of his journey to good food, fortune and romance.

His mother wouldn’t be impressed.

This was the only thought running through Lucas’ mind, as he stared at the shack which he had managed to purchase.

profile of house

From the outside, it looked terrible. On the inside? It was much worse.

inside of house

Before coming to town, Lucas had lost all his inheritance. He had fallen into debt, riddled with bills and personal loans, and soon the money which had been left to him after his parents death had disappeared. Left with only $1200 simoleons, Lucas had to be creative with his spending. A camp bed, a toilet, a sink, a bin and a fridge were now his only possessions – other then a statue passed down from his father which was currently in a…

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Love The Sims and reading stories. This blog has become more of a repository of links to stories I follow.
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