Chapter 2 – Adapting

Love reading Rosebud Challenges 🙂

Recursive Acronym Sims

Bea’s initial hike around her property had left her with lukewarm news. She had peeked into the trashcan (hey, it was her’s now, and she was getting kinda desperate), and found nothing but a decrepit fishing rod. No wonder it’s so broken down; it’s as dry as a bone out here.

As for the rest of the property, there was nothing but some really scrubby bushes. They fit the atmosphere and all, but considering how many there were in the general vicinity she figured she’d probably have to pay to get rid of them instead of getting paid for them.

However, near the back edge of the land, she had spotted a small slope going down. Is this mine? she wondered, before the sound of liquid slapping against rocks hit her ears. It was faint, but it was enough to give her flashbacks of going to a little park in the…

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