Murkland Day 2

Getting Murky #Murkland

Droplets of Stardust

Diclaimer: This day contains unlimited amounts of failure. You have been warned.


Yesterday was so eventful and great. I woke up at about 8.30 am, plenty of time to do stuff and sell all my things. But first …


Notice the smelling trash piles while I am awkwardly shuffling to the pee bush. I hope they will sprout soon. I don’t want to run around and care for other guys’ gardens all the time.


One refreshing meal (and a pile of rubbish, yus) later, I was determined to go. I still had all of my trash fruits to sell, so I immediately went to the gym. But then I needed to go back because I forgot to bring my selling table. So I had to fetch it … This marks the beginning of failure, by the way. It only goes downhill from there.


Finally my marketplace was there and I would begin making money. It was a great day, even though I noticed that my lack…

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