Murky 1.11: Forbidden Fruit

Great new chapter 🙂

oshizu's asylum

oshizu meets her first plantsims, receives a magical tree stump from Jasmine Holiday, collects four beans, hooks Brennachan up with Pookey, and needlessly levels up her Comedy and Mischief skills. (Learning to mix drinks is never useless.)

Week 3/Wednesday

Soon after finishing my morning tasks, I see Uma the Infected Plantsim trudging along.

She feels sad this morning, perhaps because she misses pizza?
But don’t zombies only eat brains?
Brains, huh? I know a few sims who have nothing to fear from zombies!

Suddenly, I get a text message from Pookey! And no, I’m pretty sure she’s not!

Armed with my new Instill False Confidence social, I try to make Uma feel confident.
Not even 10 minutes after his first text, though, Pookey texts me again!
Am I going to have to block him!?

But anyway, I’m glad that he and Brennachan have worked things out.
He moves fast…

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