Murky 1.5:  She’s a Mutant Muchacha

oshizu's asylum

Week 2/Sunday

While eating rummaged mac and cheese, I think back over my first week in Murkland.
Suddenly, I hear a friendly voice. Could it be?
Whoa, it’s my first ever visitor!

Chiliad is a lazy, snobby politician, one of those Salamanders who recently moved into Fort Murkland.
Sure are a lot of Murklanders in the politician career. Why is that?

Fort Murkland is up north on the lot where the Landgraabs used to live.
I’ve only heard rumors about Cliff City and Fort Murkland up north.
Both places are off limits, unless one achieves Level 7 Gardening and Level 8 Charisma.
Really looking forward to visiting them both, eventually!

Introducing myself to Chiliad, I’m so glad he doesn’t seem to mind the stench.
It’s rude of me to eat in front of Chiliad, I know. But I’m starving!

Considering how smelly and filthy I am, I’m surprised how friendly…

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