The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #8 :(

Following another Murky tale


Author’s note.  To my faithful “Search for a King” readers.  I know I was to do an update for you this week.  They are very labor intensive and this was a very long week.  I will get set to start capturing shots tonight!   PLEASE forgive my broken promise.

It was my birthday and I had invited my murky garden club buddies over to celebrate with a nice birthday brunch.  I did not want them toiling in the garden during their visit (this time) so I rose uncharacteristically early to get the garden all fixed up before they arrived.

03-26-17_3-11-55 PM

I even cleaned the potty bush … blech.

03-26-17_3-11-56 PM

After putting the water on the fire to get it hot for tea I made grilled trash fruit kabobs with a spicy maple cumin glaze for the repast … vegan friendly of course (got to keep a happy face on my Ridge).  The encampment was spic…

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