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1.01. Welcome to San Myshuno!

Originally posted on Moving Mountains:
It was a bright day when Amélie Dumont stepped out of her bus and into the new and terrifying city of San Myshuno. Remembering the green fields and the soft hills of Champs Les Sims,…

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The Keen Legacy 1.5: The Flower Children

This gallery contains 16 photos.

Originally posted on The Keen Legacy:
Once upon a time, on an island in the sea, there lived a husband and wife. The husband worked in the garden and his wife painted beautiful pictures. They were alone except for their…

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The Post-Apocalyptic Murkland Starter Challenge: #9 PARTAY

Originally posted on lisabeesims:
It was hard to believe I had just met my new salamander friend a day ago.  Oshi and I have become fast friends already.  I don’t think it is because we have so much in common.  She…

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Letter 1: Tim to Darren

Originally posted on Droplets of Stardust:
Previous letter: Darren to Tim Dear Darren, I’m sorry that I took about one thousand years to finally answer you. In the time since I’ve got your letter, I started so many times, but somehow…

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Murky 1.13: PlantSimming Postponed

Originally posted on oshizu's asylum:
Previously, at the end of Week 3:    • On Friday, oshizu follows her usual daily routine of gardening, fishing, followed by a yard sale;    • On Saturday, she visits Nukecrest and discovers Johnny Zest…

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