Murky 1.13: PlantSimming Postponed

oshizu's asylum

Previously, at the end of Week 3:
   • On Friday, oshizu follows her usual daily routine of gardening, fishing, followed by a yard sale;
   • On Saturday, she visits Nukecrest and discovers Johnny Zest is a creepster and welcomes Trinity Black to Nukecrest;
   • She throws a dance party at the Fire & Music Festival venue to celebrate the end of her third week in Murkland; and
   • Reads the Portal Management Service’s memo about the Mystical Tree only being open at 10 a.m.

Week 4/Sunday

I wake up this morning at 4 am after a full night’s sleep.
My hygiene has zeroed out overnight, so I unthinkingly head for my beloved tarp shower.

Suddenly, “someone” cancels my shower action! Why? *rubs sleep from my eyes
Oh, right! I’m not supposed to shower today.

Done with gardening, I go somewhere new since the tree’s portal won’t open for another 3…

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