Letter 1: Tim to Darren

Droplets of Stardust

Previous letter: Darren to Tim

Dear Darren,

I’m sorry that I took about one thousand years to finally answer you. In the time since I’ve got your letter, I started so many times, but somehow my courage kept leaving me. I really thought that this is what I wanted – advice, help … But now I’m not so sure. I guess the minute I started writing I realized that I would have to … you know. Talk about the stuff that’s been happening.


You sound like a nice guy, Darren. I’m glad that you appreciate my honesty, but I really have to tell you that I might be the biggest liar you will ever meet. You see … I spent my whole life lying to everybody I’ve met. About who I am. Where I came from. I guess the only thing I’ve always wanted to keep in the open is…

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