The Keen Legacy 1.5: The Flower Children

The Keen Legacy


Once upon a time, on an island in the sea, there lived a husband and wife.

The husband worked in the garden and his wife painted beautiful pictures. They were alone except for their four children, all of whom were named after flowers.

05-07-17_11-42-27 PM

Lily, the eldest, was a dreamer, often creating fantastic stories.

05-08-17_7-53-52 PM

Rose, the second daughter, was peaceful, often doing whatever it took to make everybody happy.


Snapdragon, the only son, was brave, often venturing out on a new adventure.


Daisy, the youngest, was a wild child, often running and exploring and causing mischief.


The mother and father loved their children very much, and did everything to give them as happy of a life as possible.


One day, a curse enveloped the world, and the only safe place was the island in the sea.


To protect her family, the mother forbade anybody from leaving the island, as doing so…

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