1.01. Welcome to San Myshuno!

Looking forward to following this new Legacy story 🙂

Moving Mountains


It was a bright day when Amélie Dumont stepped out of her bus and into the new and terrifying city of San Myshuno. Remembering the green fields and the soft hills of Champs Les Sims, her hometown, she had to admit that the big city was something else entirely. A big knot of doubt and panic began to build inside her chest and she frowned, gripping her suitcase more tightly in her small hand.

Am I doing the right thing? I know so many have done this before, but …

She had traveled nearly across the whole world just to see the amazing site of the spice market before her. The sounds of people speaking and yelling, the incredible, bouncing cacophony of life that was vibrating from each colorful inch her bright blue eyes could see and the delicious smell of foreign delicacies just waiting to be tasted. It was…

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