Pally’s Murkland Memories: Day 1

Pally's Scribbles

1 (2)   I remember the bus ride being long, dusty and …well murky. I wasn’t sure what I had signed up for, but knew I was ready to help make a difference. There were few of us left after the Simpocalypse. Everyone had to do their part. I was sent to Murkland.

1 (3)  I arrived at my little camp and was excited. I walked across the street and sat on the bench so I could see the whole thing and take it all in. ‘You can do this!’ I told myself.

1 (4)    While daydreaming about my future here, a couple of Murklanders came walking down the sidewalk. A man who said to call him “Pookey”, and the mayor’s wife, Aeon Salamander.

1 (6)    They both sat down next to me and began telling me about Murkland and the neighboring little town of Nukecrest. Well, Pookey tried to talk but Aeon…

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